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Current AgricultureA Quarterly Journal of Research

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Pages: 1-6

Isolation of fungal Endophytes from Murraya koenigii and Costus pictus valuable medicinal plants

Author: M.K. Rangari , N. H. Sahare and S.K. Rangari

Category: Plant pathology

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A total 11 endophytic fungi were isolated from two plants collected from Amravati district of Maharashtra region for obtaining biological diversity in endophytic fungi. Total 5 five endophytic fungi were isolated from Costus pictus. All the entophytic fungi were belong to deuteromyceties. Total six endophytic fungi were isolated from Murraya koenigii two fungi separated were belonged to zygomycetes where as the remaining belong to Deuteromycetes. In the present study rich diversity of endophytic fungi were isolated from stems leaves, and fruits tissue of the two plant species total endophytic fungi isolates were obtained from different tissue fragment of Murraya koenigii and Costu spp.

Keywords: Endophytes, fungi, isolation, medicinal plant