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Current AgricultureA Quarterly Journal of Research

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Pages: 1-5

Impact assessment of mineral mixture supplementation on buffalo in Panchmahal district of central Gujarat

Author: B. S. Khadda, Kanak Lata, J. K. Jadav and Raj Kumar

Category: Agriculture Extension

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The present study was conducted on the milch buffaloes under the banner of ICAR-KVK, Panchmahal under semi arid ecosystem of middle Gujarat. Average milk yield recorded during the study was period 5.25±0.43 and 6.28 ±0.57 litre/ days in control and mineral mixture supplementation group, respectively. The results indicated that the buffaloes supplemented with mineral mixture produced 19.62 per cent more milk as compared to control without any adverse affect on the body weight and health of the animals. The increase in milk yield was significantly higher (P< 0.05) in the animals of MMS group as compared to control. The overall extension gap was found 1.03 kg which shows that sufficient reason to popularize the technology by various agencies in Panchmahal district of central Gujarat. The adoption percentage of technology was 72.47 percent during the reporting period. The results of study revealed that 16.28 per cent reduction in cost milk production per litre in buffalo were due to the supplementation of mineral mixture under of hot semi-arid ecosystem. The supplementation of mineral mixture during experimental period indicates that benefit cost ratio 1:2.10 was recorded, which appears to be very lucrative over traditional system of feeding. Based on observations, it can be concluded that supplementary feeding of mineral mixture economically improved the milk production and reproductive performance of buffaloes under hot semi-arid ecosystem.

Keywords: Buffalo, mineral mixture, milk production, reproductive performance